Management & Human Resources courses

Development of managers, supervisors and administrative capacities, modern management, dealing with professional pressure, managing differences, crisis management, the art of negotiation and persuasion, motivation and performance enhancement, public relations management, decision making, creative thinking, brainstorming, professional communication. Professional management, professional time management, team management, dealing with difficult characters, meeting management, CV techniques, emotional intelligence in the workplace, project management, management of change within the institution, administration of the mandate, techniques of presenting and speech, technique of doors knocking, activation and management of meetings, measuring leadership and management capabilities.

Self Development Courses

Self development and personal abilities.
Identification of priorities, the management and disposition of time, planning of life, success architecture, neural language processing, building successful relationships, rapid reading, building self-confidence, constructive communication, character analysis, self-change management, modern education strategies, social and emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences, stress management, etiquette protocols, personal quality.

Leadership courses

Developing leaders, honing their personalities and leadership skills.
Leadership: principles and fundamentals, model leadership, ethical leadership, administrative leadership, leadership and participation of women, leadership styles, leadership theories, leadership and motivation.

Quality courses

Quality improvement and cost reduction, international quality standards.
Total quality management for companies and organizations, total quality management, excellence management.

Law courses

Skills of interpretation and analysis of legal texts, the legal relationship between management and employees from the beginning of the service until the end, legal and technical skills in administrative investigations, contract drafting skills, international trade contracts, drafting skills of administrative contracts, legal skills to study conflicting texts, expropriation of public interest and problems of application, Modern standards in the preparation, drafting and submission of legal notes on the legal aspects of management and the development of the skills of managers and officials of legal affairs, the art of negotiating and resolving contractual disputes, legal writing skills of legal nature. Ethics of public service, integrated skills in legal affairs, advanced foundations for contracting and contract management, The legal aspects of cybercrime, the skills of negotiation in contracts and their technical aspects, the legal system of administrative decisions, Arbitration, it’s disputes and appeal

Media & Languages courses

Montage systems and tools, office software, planning programs, design programs, speech art, editing articles, photography and video taking.

Marketing and sales courses

Sales Management, Marketing Management, Marketing Techniques.
The latest technology in marketing, e-marketing.

Safety, Occupational Safety and Health Courses

Control and assessment of risks, Industrial safety, occupational safety and health conditions of the workplace, occupational safety and health measures in government buildings, occupational safety and health measures in tourism, crisis management.

Tourism courses and hotel management

Reception techniques, communication skills, computer skills, live languages, room management, food preparation and production, food and beverage service, kitchen management, restaurant management, procedures of the front chambers, procedures of the room division.

Finance and Banking Courses

Principles of Banking Management, Fundamentals of Bank Insurance, , Investment, Banking Regulations, Islamic Banking, Retail Banking, Banking Principles, Accounting and Credit, Mortgage and Leasing, Bank Cards of all types.

Communication and Networking

– Mobile Application for MNO
– Cisco Certificate Network Professional (CCNA – CCNP – CCIE )
– Fiber networks stystem
– Microsoft windows server certificate MCSA
– wireless Networking


This list of courses in your hands is subject to renewal and development at all times and our methodology in training always starts from the needs of our clients and our trainers.