About Development for Training & Consulting

Development for Training & Consulting is a world-class organization based in Tunis. It operates in accordance with a professional methodology in the field of continuous professional training and technical and administrative consulting. It has been established on the basis of strong knowledge and experience in accordance with local and international standards.

It is mainly concerned with providing training and consulting programs in different countries around the world according to the need of its partners and their desire to achieve the highest degree of success and development.

Therefore Tatwir puts in your hands a group of experts and trainers accredited to the latest theories and techniques and best pedagogical methods that take into account all levels.

Development for Training & Consulting is characterize by:

• Courses are offered in Arabic, English and French.
• Identifying the training needs of individuals and institutions and developing suitable development plans and programs.
• Creative training and adapting training to suit all levels and frames.
• Put in your hands international scientific competencies with a lot of experience and practice in the field.
• Continuous development of training programs and diversification in presentation and demonstration methods.
• Ensuring the comfort and luxury to enthuse training in the finest hotels and the most beautiful cities in Tunisia.
• Provision of pre-session and post-session services for 60 days.
• Guarantee certificates and diplomas approved by Tatwir company and the trainers themselves.

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